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Trade Show Display Accessories

Trade Show Booth Accessories

Trade Show Exhibits and Display accessories – The best complement to your Trade Show Display Booth

We are not only offering the best quality Trade show accessories but also the ones that get aligned with your company’s prospects and goals. Exhibit Displays offers a wide range of accessories including portable counters and podiums, display lighting, shipping cases, customized table covers, life-size cutouts, literature racks, trade show tables, and much more.

Accessories available at Exhibit Displays

If you want to extend your customer’s network, you must add something extra to your trade show booths, making them more engaging and persuasive. How about adding one of the many accessories we are offering.

Space management is very important and the portable trade show counters & podiums will let you have a little extra usable space for better client handling and communication. You can even use the booth space as a giveaway station. Add a sense of professionalism to your business trade show booths by using these optional items. These accessories will help you work on the details to make your kiosk different from the competitors.

To know your options for trade show essentials, visit our website and get all the details about available accessories. We are offering a convenient online shopping experience. So, place your items in the cart, confirm the order, and get your accessories quickly shipped to your doorstep.

With customized tablecloths you can bring a little personal touch to your booth, solely representing your company logo. Even if you want your custom tablecloth on an urgent basis, we assure you to deliver before the deadline. Exhibit Displays is providing custom table covers in a multitude of options such as 6ft or 8ft and different fabric shades, to match your brand identity. We are here to offer table throws, table runners, convertible table covers or custom table covers with monogramming.

Besides, we have table throws in various options to cater to all types of booths. You can have a full table throw covering all the four sides of the table, or an open back table throw that lets you cover the front and sides but not the back giving you access to extra below-table space. Another option is the fitted one for a more sophisticated look.

Keeping the style and space, portable trade shows literature racks are carefully designed. Here at Exhibit Displays, we guarantee customer satisfaction as every brochure rack is subjected to force-test to ensure premium quality and long-lasting use. These accessories come with minimalist design and easy installation. For extra safety, racks have latches where you can keep personal and essential items secure and at accessibility. We are here to offer premiere accessories that fit the budget and bring exclusivity to your booth.

Are you looking for suitable outdoor signs? We have many options suitable for your special advertising style. At Exhibit Displays, you can choose A-frame sidewalk signs, double-sided banner stands, or message signs. Even in our quick production times, we still ensure that every item is made durable enough to stand years of use, even in rain and shine! These are manufactured with hard-wearing plastic or durable aluminum. Well, if you are not a domestic company, we have commodities including travel trade show cases like carrying bags and shipping cases to offer easy traveling.

Our product line also has a custom oversized cheque to boost your donation call. The outsized cheque will not only be the chance to show your generosity but also a great marketing tool for a charity fundraising event. A large donation cheque for exhibition photographs is a plus. We ensure you get the cheque as per your size and design demands to let you enjoy the media attention you are looking for.

What else could be the best way to display your company’s struggle, motives, core values, ethics, and services other than a life-size cutout? Send us the full-resolution photograph and get custom life-size cutouts, made with corrugated plastic. Our custom-made life-size cutouts are made for long-term use which will hold up 10x better in comparison to the corrugated cardboard.

The trade show booths are incomplete without fancy chairs, and we are providing an all-new variety of sturdy wooden chairs. These are crafted from weatherproof beech wood. The styles include an unprinted fabric backrest or seat, and a full-color custom printed backrest or seat. Whereas, the director chair is made in Bar Height and Table Height. They are made lightweight, foldable, and portable for easier storage. Perfect for all sorts of events, indeed!

Make your booth more appealing by matching your chairs with other outdoor accessories such as signs or flags.

Thinking of an outdoor trade show booth, what else might you need? Probably a stylish LED light fixture, which you can find at Exhibit Displays. LED lighting is a small detail that leaves an alluring impact by highlighting your company’s new products. If you are worried about overheating, don’t be! We have a range of efficient LED lights that emit very little heat.

We are here to listen to your queries and feedback! Get in contact with our customer representatives either by calling at 1-888-285-9505 or emailing us at sales@exhibitdisplays.ca. Our production team ensures timely delivery. Exhibit Displays is always available to make your trade show booth look amazing with our budget-friendly and precisely designed accessories.

Trade Show Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

A type of vertical display made with a pop-up frame layout or base unit to which graphics are attached is called a pop-up display or banner. They are also called portable displays. It is a cost-efficient option with either a single or double-sided display placed upfront the booth to attract passersby. The retractable mechanism makes it easy to assemble and roll away the graphics quickly for easy storage. Popup displays are typically designed in a larger format.

The total cost of the trade show depends on the booth styling, material quality, and the number of accessories you use. Besides, the size of the essentials also matters. For a 10×10 booth space, the expected expenditure will be approx. $14,000, whereas bigger 20×20 space, marks the budget up to $20,000. Simplistic styles for booth and small-sized supplies will come in cheaper options but personalized items in large sizes and extensive details will be expensive. The price will go higher with the inclusion of each additional feature or accessory. Another aspect that affects the cost is the total floor space covered.

Always keep the margin as the amount will be spent more than you have imagined. On average, the usual cost range is within $100-$150/square foot of the space covered.

A trade show is a professional business event where industrial and small-scale brands are invited to display their highest quality services and products. It could be either local, bringing domestic brands in one place, or global that gathers international brands. These shows are the best way to connect with other fortune companies. It also offers an influential platform to increase your marketing, sales, or ROI and customer engagement.

Pop-up events are considered temporary events, or we can say unexpected events that are not pre-planned. They usually take place in unique settings. Do you know why they are called pop-up events? Because such events appear, are celebrated for a few hours or days, and then they end unexpectedly as they were started without prior planning. The element of surprise is what separates Popup events from temporary events.

  • You can show your visiting list to let people know how big a customer network you have
  • Begin with publicizing your booth on all the social media platforms, a few days before the event starts
  • By promoting your company’s unique benefits in the most compelling way
  • By setting up a game booth and offering giveaways to the winners and your guests
  • Add fun and entertaining events (concert, celebrity presence, competitions, board games, etc.)
  • Use eye-catching graphical backdrop and other unique accessories
  • By offering the brand’s products and services at market competitive prices
  • Get customized trade show booth display products with the logo or company details to invite more customers
  • Create Call to Action (CTA)
  • Start promoting your booth before the event dates
  • Choose an eye-catching color scheme
  • Deliver precise information in an understandable text font that entices customers
  • Prefer customized display options
  • Feature engaging activities such as competitions, and games
  • Pick the Communicating design complementing company services
  • High-resolution imagery with an impressive graphical backdrop
  • Give a product demo, or a chance to test your product
  • Offer a limited event-only service (discounts, sales, free products, etc.)

On average, the rate lies within the range of $25-$150/hr., as per the customer’s demand. The involved agencies have the right to take 20% or more fee on any item due to the talent. Motivated Models is a trade show staffing agency.

Trade shows make money through exhibition or vendor fees, which are paid by the exhibitors to let you arrange your booth for brand marketing and advertising at the trade show exhibit. For a prominent spot or to get your desired corner, you need to pay higher. The tiered-pricing structure is mostly used to charge the booth as per its covered floor space.

  • Get creative with decorative lighting
  • Use appealing visuals
  • Use technology such as LCDs to showcase your products
  • Add comfortable and aesthetic furniture (wooden chairs, portable tables, etc.)
  • Use soft and complementing carpets for flooring
  • Use audio aids with graphics
  • Offer a well-organized seating
  • Prefer using custom graphics to offer exclusivity

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